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7 Peters Road
Village of Gagetown E5M 1E9
New Brunswick Canada

506 488 6183

Hand crafted gourmet Garlic available for Table, Seed and Planting. Over 10 different Garlic Varieties available to try. Heirloom Seed. Many other value added products such as Gourmet Garlic powder, Salts, Rubs, Garlic Jelly, Garlic Flavoured & infused Oils and Vinegars. 


Garlic drying after harvest.

Garlic drying after harvest.

Garlic typically multiplies itself  from cloves, however, if the scapes (flowering stalks) are left to mature, Hardneck varieties typically produce umbrel capsules which contain what are referred to as bulbils... Bulbils are in effect miniature Garlic cloves. Growing from Bulbils is an easy way to start disease free stock. 

We collect bulbils from the following hardneck varieties. 

  • Music (Porcelain)
  • German White (Porcelain)
  • Marino (Rocambole)
  • Red Russian (Rocambole)
  • Eureka Clayton (Turban) 
  • Persian Star (Glazed Purple Stripe)
  • Khabar (Marbled Purple Stripe)